Oishii! Japanese Food Style von Manami Okazaki

Manami Okazaki Oishii! Japanese Food Style

As fascinating and colorful as its subject, this visually striking celebration of Japanese food shows the importance of aesthetics in everything, from haute cuisine to vending machines.

In Japan, where a meal is typically described as a feast for the eyes, food is a matter of national identity and heritage. Oishii! (which means ‘delicious’ in English) explores the aesthetics of the country’s cuisine from a variety of perspectives, including interviews with world-famous chefs, scholars, designers, popular home cooks, patisserie chefs, artists, and more. It looks at Japanese food through the seasons; traces contemporary trends such as bento boxes and kawaii character cafés; takes readers to destinations like the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum and the fish roe-themed Mentai Park; and dives into culturally-specific phenomena including plastic display food, manga, and vending machines. Japanese culture expert Manami Okazaki offers a kaleidoscopic investigation of every aspect of the nation’s cuisine, resulting in a book that is both comprehensive and contemporary. Filled with hundreds of photographs as well as a pull-out sticker sheet, it’s packed tighter than a bento box with fun and useful information.

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