Caspar David Friedrich von

Caspar David Friedrich

250 years after the painter’s birth, this
luxurious exhibition catalog offers glimpses
into the mystery of Friedrich’s largely
posthumous popularity as well as the latest
research into his training and techniques.

Largely ignored during his lifetime, Caspar David Friedrich was a meticulous painter of emotionally evocative landscapes, often featuring solitary figures or groups of people against dramatic scenery. His work has inspired many artists to the present day, and this volume explores the role that Berlin’s Nationalgalerie played in bringing Friedrich into the forefront of modern art history. It also shines a light on Friedrich's remarkable use of pairs in paintings—including his most famous pairing, Monk by the Sea and Abbey in the Oakwood—which he employed to express a range of different perspectives and the concept of change. Finally it examines the latest research into Friedrich’s technique: his early training in Copenhagen; his sketches, preparatory drawings and underdrawings; and his unconventional selection and use of pigments.

Throughout this monograph readers will find stunning reproductions of sixty paintings, including several iconic works, and fifty drawings—representing collections from around the world. Coupled with the latest research, they combine to offer a completely up-to-date appreciation of Friedrich’s extraordinary talent and his unquestionable status as a pioneer of modern art.

With contributions by Birgit Verwiebe, Johannes Grave, Hilmar Frank, Werner Busch, Anna Marie Pfäfflin, Gerd-Helge Vogel, Kristina Mösl, Ralph Gleis, Sintje Guericke.

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