Local Legends von Horst A. Friedrichs, John Warland

Horst A. Friedrichs, John Warland Local Legends

London’s leading pub tour guide and host of the celebrated Liquid History Tours guides readers off the beaten path and through the doors of London's lesser known but most authentic pubs, lovingly captured on camera by esteemed photographer Horst A. Friedrichs. Welcome to the world of London’s finest backstreet boozers.

It’s easy to stumble into London's iconic pubs. The ones where Shakespeare trod the boards, or Dickens scribbled his next novel. What’s more difficult and ultimately more rewarding, is finding that special pub that has just the right vibe; the pub that’s tucked away from the maddening crowds of tourists and noisy out-oftowners; that almost mystical pub that you’ll want to return to on a rainy evening, or show off to your friends. These are the hidden gems that Friedrichs and Warland introduce you to. Covering every corner of London from the city centre to its outer limits and beyond, these watering holes are permeated by personality and a passion for traditional hospitality. While the interiors might not boast architectural wonders, their unique qualities are brought to life through Friedrichs' stunning photography, which illuminates their character and charm, their idiosyncratic hosts and patrons, the menus scrawled on chalkboard, worn leather stools, and quirky artifacts. The pubs are the stars of this invaluable book that’s as informative as it is collectible.

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