Temporary Pleasure von John Leo Gillen

John Leo Gillen Temporary Pleasure

This unique, visually exciting look at the
evolution of nightclubs across America and
Europe since the 1960s reveals an unwavering
truth about club culture—the one constant is

Opening with the psychedelic haunts of the 1960s New York pop art scene and closing more than half a century later with the rise of post-club happenings, "Temporary Pleasure" shows how nightlife spaces have evolved to meet the needs of their generation, and how each generation was seeking something a little different from the one before. Each chapter focuses on a distinct phase and location: Italy’s politically radical clubs of the ’60s; New York City’s disco scene; Detroit and Chicago’s techno and house paradises; Ibiza’s counterculture communal retreats; Britain’s rave culture; and Berlin’s techno scene. The clubs come to life in double-page spreads that feature specs and detailed profiles. Author John Leo Gillen offers his take on various important cultural, design, and architectural details, while numerous photographs offer their own vibey stories. The book features interviews with people who were involved in a number of the scenes included, from NYC disco mainstay DJ Justin Strauss to Ben Kelly, architect of Manchester’s legendary venue The Haçienda. As the world emerges from its Covid-induced isolation, this celebration of crowded rooms, dance-worthy beats, and communal transcendence feels more important than ever.

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