Street Art New York 2000-2010 von Jaime Rojo, Steven Harrington

Jaime Rojo, Steven Harrington Street Art New York 2000-2010

Now available again the authors take readers on a fast-paced run through New York City, resulting in a vibrant look at the urban art revolution that took place on the streets of the city in the first decade of the 21st century

New York is a street art Mecca, boasting a vast outdoor gallery which encompasses walls, fences, sidewalks and just about any other available surface. Featured in this dynamic collection are approximately 200 images of works by artists such as New Yorkers Swoon, Judith Supine, Dan Witz, Skewville, WK Interact, L.A.'s Shepard Fairey, Brazil's Os Gemeos, Denmark's Armsrock, France's Space Invader, C215, Mr. Brainwash, Germany's Herakut, London's Nick Walker and the infamous Banksy. This book offers a compelling portrait of the development of urban art in the noughties in one of its most important and supportive communities.

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